Specialist in chartering by sea, rail and road / France International

Chartering by sea, rail or road

Chartering your merchandise by sea, rail or road

MARITIME KUHN, present throughout France, optimises the management of your merchandise at all commercial ports in France.


Our local agencies will organise the best suited chartering by sea, rail or road, within France and internationally.



Chartering: define the conditions for sea, rail and road transport in France and internationally.


Chartering and transport of merchandise by sea, road and rail

As a chartering agency, the port agency supervises the transport of your merchandise / freight, from the point of taking receipt through to its final destination.


We work with our clients to define the conditions for transport / incoterms that are best suited to them and their merchandise.


We provide a means for transport by sea, rail and road, including loading freight and preparing legal documentation required, and then shipping them to their final destination.


Would you like to find out more about rates for chartering sea, rail or road transport ? Interested in further information about the general conditions of transport / logistics operators ? Is the transport of your freight / merchandise urgent ? Do you want further details about our range of port activities ? Groupe MARITIME KUHN’s operatives are here to answer your questions.