Customs, commercial ports, France: comprehensive port logistics solution

Customs and port logistics

Port logistics and customs formalities

In every port and through each of our agencies, Groupe MARITIME KUHN works with an approved customs officer (certified Authorised Economic Operator - AEO).

This officer performs all customs clearance formalities required for your merchandise, whatever the customs procedure.



Customs and port logistics : a comprehensive service throughout France


Customs: comprehensive logistics services throughout France

We provide comprehensive services, for both import and export :


  • Explanation of customs procedures
  • Tariff classification of merchandise
  • Suitable selection of customs procedure
  • Customs clearance for transport and logistics



We perform all operational and administrative formalities required for the clearance of merchandise through the port in order to simplify and accelerate your customs procedures and commercial exchanges.


Please don’t hesitate to contact MARITIME KUHN or one of our local agencies for further information about our port activities. Our highly professional services will support your operations for import/export, stevedoring and storage, as well as helping with freight forwarding, chartering and terminal operations.



Shipping of merchandise  Storage of merchandise


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