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Rouen Agencies-Sagmar

Sagmar is also a liner agency


Founded in 1974 on the joint initiative of a French investor and the Russian Ministry of the Merchant Navy, the Maritime Agency SAGMAR has extensive experience in the modal transportation sector between France/Europe and Russia.


SAGMAR is a reliable partner and provides liner services and tramp transportation tailored to the customer’s specifications.


Since 2017, the KUHN Maritime Group has become the new shareholder of SAGMAR SAS.
Sagmar 45 years’ experience in the Russian/CIS sector

Our activity


Forty-five years’ experience in the Russian/CIS sector (Community of Independent States)


  • Shipping agents for tramp services
  • Liner agents for Europe - Russia lines (Containers / general cargo, heavy lift handling)
  • NSC General Agents (Northern Shipping Company, Arkhangelsk)


Thirty-five years’ experience in the transportation of Dangerous Goods (Class 7)


  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Class 7)/Upstream stage of operations
  • Interface between shipowners and "Authorised Carriers" based in France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Traffic flow management between Europe and Russia with Russian decision-makers
  • Processing of 40 to 45 operations for Dangerous Goods (Class 7)/year
Ice Class ships, classified “Ice class L1/IA”



NSC vessels are also experts in Artic operations and provide regular line service for EU ports (France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden) as well as for Russian Ports (St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga and optionally Arkhangelsk and Murmansk).


NSC’s logistics services are customised for each individual contract.


NSC vessels, accepting that type of Dangerous Goods, are Ice Class ships, classified “Ice class L1/IA”

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